Rampant: The Successor of Train to Busan?

Zombie zombie zombie!! I really like movie about zombie, Rampant is my second Korean Movies about zombie after Train to Busan. I’ve been waiting for quite sometimes to watch movie about zombie. Just from the trailer I decided I have to watch the movie.


Rampant is a zombie apocalypse movie just like other zombie movies out there. Then what is the difference? The era is the difference, meanwhile the other movies usually in the present era, Rampant is a zombie apocalypse in a kingdom era in Korea. Not only zombie apocalypse, but there is also kudeta or uprising whatever you want to call to the King. The hero on the movie is the prince that came back from another kingdom after a long time because of his old brother last message.

The Casts

To be honest, I have no idea about the casts. I think I only know two people, who are Lee Sun-Bin and Jo Woo-Jin. I know Lee Sun-Bin from I Can See Your Voice and Running Man, also she is Lee Kwang-Soo girlfriend if I’m not wrong. At the first time, I did not recognize her because of the costume. Meanwhile, I Know Jo Woo-Jin from Kdrama Goblin, he has the antagonist role.

The Main actor is Hyun Bin, I have never watched him in movie or drama before but somehow his face is familiar. He plays the role of the prince that will save his kingdom. Probably, I saw him somewhere. The antagonist is Jang Dong-Gun, as the minister that betrays the King.

The Story

The story is simple and very straight forward, Joseon Kingdom is in danger because the minister has a secret plan to take over the kingdom. Not only a danger from the minister, but Joseon also has to fight zombies that invading the kingdom. Zombies came from a ship that sells a gun to the Kingdom in secret.

Meanwhile the Prince is trying to help the King to see that the minister has a secret plan through a secret movement and got cought by the minister. To save his subordinates, the prince killed his self and sent a letter to his little brother in other Kingdom to come and save the kingdom and his wife with his unborn child.

After received his older brother letter, Yi Chung decided to come back to his kingdom and save his brother wife and unborn child. The story getting complicated after Yi Chung found that the village that he passes through is wrecked and no one were there to accompany or escort him to the Kingdom.

Journey to The Kingdom

Rampant first fighting scene
first figthing scene

Around 15 or 20 minutes after the movie starts, the first fighting scene is arrived! Yi Chung got attacked by assassins sent by the minister to kill him, however, Yi Chung has a great martial art skill. In the middle of the fight with assassins, the zombies started to woke up and attacking everyone.

In the middle of confusion, his brother former subordinate came with his team and help him out and explained everything. After knowing everything, he is not sure what to do because the villagers ask him to go to the Kingdom and bring the army to fight zombies. Meanwhile, the minister always trying to kill him because of his ambition to become a King.

journey to the kingdom
Journey to the kingdom

The problem with Yi Chung is he does not have the will to become a King and prefers to go back to another Kingdom with a good life. However, he decided to go to the Kingdom and save his brother wife and bring her to another Kingdom. Accompany by his brother subordinate and other people, he starts his journey to The Kingdom.

Minister secret plan starts

Yi chung and Minister
Yi Chung knows minister plan

Arrived at the palace, Yi Chung discovered that the King has blinded by the minister and has no idea about the zombies. Also, Yi Chung starts the war with the minister. He talks to the minister that he already knew his secret plan. Starting from here the story became intense because the minister starts his plan to take over the Kingdom.

The minister plan started with attacking the King with his mistress that already affected and became zombie. After that, during the party with another kingdom, the King turned into zombie and attacking the dancer. Followed by that accident, the minister killed the King that has turned into a zombie and stated that a new Joseon just born.

The minister
The minister starts his secret plan after killed king

Zombies apocalypse started

After stated a new Joseon, the zombies starts attacking the palace and killing people. Meanwhile, the minister escapes to the safe house, Yi Chung fighting the zombies in order to save his brother wife.

Yi Chung saves hiw brother's wife
Yi Chung saves hiw brother’s wife

During this madness, Yi Chung saves his brother subordinate and the other from the prison. He also ordered the army to protect the gate in order to keep the zombies inside the palace. In the end, the army could hold the zombies and Yi Chung and his friends could escape from the prison.

prison scene
prison scene

They got a little bit of time to prepare the next strategy to fight the zombies during the day. The zombies are afraid of daylight so they hide during the day and attack during the night. During the short amount of time, they prepared a plan to bring all of the zombies to the center of palace and burn them.

On the other hand, the minister got bitten by the zombie and killed everyone on his side and cut his hand to stop the virus. The result, he became half zombie and half human. He is strong like zombie, but still has a little bit control over his-self.

The end is near

During this part is the epic and impossible fight by Yi Chung and a sad scenes. His brother subordinate got bitten by the zombies and decided to stay at the palace and uses the drum to attract the zombies and then light the fire. Also Yi Chung close friend got killed by the minister, and his villager friend got bitten and ask them to kill him as a man.

 Park Jong-Sa starts fire

Park Jong-Sa starts fire

The plan is set and Park Jong-Sa is ready to start a fire and turn into a zombie. However, right before the fire spreading, the minister came and stoped the fire. Furthermore, Yi Chung decided to go there and start the fire himself. Well, this is the epic and impossible mission done by only 1 man happens.

Yi Chung fighting scene
Yi Chung fighting scene on the way to the palace

On the way to the palace he is fighting many zombies, I really mean MANY here. On top of that, he does not even have one single bite or scratch from the zombies. What a badass!! After that scene, he is fighting the minister that has a powerfull strenght. With the help of Deok-hee with her epic archery skill, he was able to starts the fire and burn the palace with the zombies inside.

Yi Chun finished the minister
Yi Chun finished the minister

After that, I thought there was something wrong with the minister because he just stays still looking at Yi Chung starts the fire. The fight is still continuing, they are fighting on the top of the palace and of course, Yi Chung wins the fight and survive!

rampant- epic scene
rampant epic scene

After he wins the fight, the reinforcement was arrived and clean the zombies at the palace. During the ending scene, He goes to the village with the army and keep his promise to bring back army to save them.


The conlusion is, Rampant is a pretty straight forward and has a simple goal and story. I’m not saying that the story is too simple or boring, actually it was good. During 2 hours watching the movie, I did not really feel the time and the story just flowing to the end. Good fighting scenes, sword skills and archery skills.

Many unrealistic fighting scene, with only 1 man show. But hey, this is a movie and fiction, so this is totally fine with me. My rate is 8/10, good story with a simple goal and there was some plot twist like the minister turned into a zombie. I was thinking how they would fight each other, but then the minister turned into a zombie and became stronger.

I would recommend to watch the movie, it is fun to watch. You might watch it if you do not have a plan to go anywhere during the weekend or if you already finished your drama series.

Let me know your thought about the movie, or if you have a recommendation for drama or movie let me know in the comment!


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