Re-watch Series: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai

This is my second post about re-watch series, basically, I give an anime recommendation to re-watch for those who already watched it and for those who have not watched hopefully this could be a good explanation on why you should try.

In the first post I talked about Kakumeiki no Valvrave, well it is more to action and mecha genre, therefore it is a quite serious series. As you can see on the title, I will talk about an anime called Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? (Kaguya-sama: love is war).


Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai is a romantic comedy anime. It is actually funny and hilarious, the story is about Shirogane Miyuki (chairman of student council) and Shinomiya Kaguya (vice-chairman of student council) love and war. They fell in love with each other, but their pride is too high to confess their love. The result is they are waiting and trying to make the other to confess with various tricks. The anime was aired from January to March 2019 with 12 episodes.


Shuchiin Private Academy

Most of the story located in Shuchiin Private Academy, in the student council room to be exact. The school was only for the elite and noble, but in a modern era the school broaden their scope. Commoner also could study in the academy nowadays, but still most of them are rich and important in their field.

Shinomiya Kaguya comes from a billionaire family, she has everything and smart so people respect her. On the other hand, Shirogane Miyuki is a commoner, but he is a genius and currently, he is the 1st rank in the academy.

Both of them are like celebrities in the school, and many think that they are dating. But the truth is they are in a war 😀 1 episode usually consists of three parts, so there will be three kinds of small stories. Moreover, I would say almost 60% of the dialogue is a narrative that explains the characters’ actions.

Besides a narrative, you will see the characters talk to their-self a lot. The image below, for example, Fujiwara brings two tickets to watch a movie, and Miyuki unconsciously asks Kaguya to watch but then he thinks more and more that it could be a confession and he might lose to Kaguya because he confesses.

Kaguya sama wa kokusaretai - watch movie
watching movie

The truth is, Kaguya actually sends the tickets to Fujiwara anonymously and expecting this to happens. Basically, they are attacking each other to make the other confessing 😀

Funny misunderstanding

I think the funniest part is the misunderstanding between each other, not only Kaguya and Miyuki but Fujiwara as well. The bento accident is funny, Miyuki as always cooks his bento on his own, while Kaguya will be served a luxury bento made by a professional chef.

kaguya sama wa kokurasetai - bento accident
bento accident

One day, Fujiwara asks Miyuki if she can try his bento as it looks good. Obviously, Kaguya also wants to try but she just does not want to say it. As a friend, Miyuki gives Fujiwara his food. Kaguya then cursing Fujiwara in her heart because she betrays her 😀

deadly eyes
deadly eyes

Kaguya does not want to lose, the next day she brings a luxury bento so she can share with Miyuki as well. However, she even gets more jealous because Miyuki cooks for Fujiwara as well 😀 As a last resort, Kaguya offers Miyuki her food hoping that she can try Miyuki food.

miyuki suspicious
miyuki suspicious

As usual, Miyuki thinks differently, he feels that Kaguya is looking down on him because he can not afford a luxurious bento. There are many funny things in the anime in each episode, you just have to watch it.

As the episode goes, there is a conflict but mostly with Kaguya family. Therefore, there is a part where the plot is getting serious as the climax. I could see a similarity with other anime called Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. The plot is similar about love but the difference is the main characters try to define what love is with science and a bunch of experiments.

If you are curios about that anime, let me know and I will try to write a review. Alright, I will end the review here and as always I hope it helps you guys to get more insight and curios about the anime and then you watch it!


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