Single-Niche VS Multi-Niche

In the last few days, I was looking for some information on how to improve my website traffic. The result? I found so many informations on how to improve website traffic. Most of the suggestion or the way to improve traffic are almost similar from website to website.

Don’t get me wrong, the suggestion is useful if you do it right. The point is you have to make quality content and do some SEO, outreaching or guest blog for example. Neil Patel is one of the websites that I have checked, He explains many SEO, marketing or other related to websites. The other one is Backlinko, he is explains SEO related things as well.

So basically, I’m trying to increase my website traffic at the moment. Mayrealm traffic is not much, I started in September so roughly it’s already 5 months. As you can see on the image below, last month only got 280 visitors. I’m so thankful for everyone visited my website!

mayrealm visitors
Mayrealm visitors on January 2019

What is a niche?

Basically, niche is a website topic. For example, if you have a website and you are focusing on Korean drama. Then your website niche is korean drama, either reviewing, news, or anything related to Korean drama.

Single-niche is better in SEO

single-niche SEO

After I learned SEO tricks and marketing, from all over the websites and youtube. I found that the majority of people suggested sticking on a single-niche website to rank higher because you will get higher authority if you focusing on a single niche. That leads to an increase in traffic and possibly revenue.

Tricky Enough and Shout Me Loud stated that with a single-niche website you can control your SEO easier compare than a multi-niche website. Moreover, your visitor will not confuse if check your single-niche website because the topic is one.

Singel-niche is better in revenue

single-niche revenue

If you have good SEO and ranking, usually it leads to high traffic. High traffic means high revenue if you monetize your website. Usually, people are looking for information from the expert, with your single-niche website because you only post one topic most likely people will trust your website.

Compare to website with multi-niche that post many things, the authority of the website will be hard to get. That’s why if you are planning to monetize your website from the start, probably single-niche is the way to go.

Why I chose multi-niche website?

After I explained a few of the advantages with single-niche website and if you are still reading the post, probably you have a multi-niche website or planning to have one. Well, looks like multi-niche website is super difficult to maintain, however, it is not impossible!

So what is exactly my reason to build a multi-niche website? The first and the important reason is, it is exhausting to maintain single-niche website! I had a website back when I was in university, the niche was anime because I love anime and had time to watch every anime back then.

Then, it became harder to post because my time to watch anime was decreasing and I simply burned out! It is the same with my other website about gaming, I was so into gaming back then. When I stopped play games, I have no idea to post.

Never runout of ideas with multi-niche website

multi-niche ideas

With a multi-niche website, I could write anything I want and never run out of idea! I think this is the biggest advantage of a multi-niche website. I write freely about anything I like and care about. Because the idea of mayrealm is to create my small world, and my world are not only about gaming or anime!

I want to challenge myself

multi-niche challenges

Most of the people are saying there is no point to make a multi-niche website, you just walking on a broken path or something. Well, that might be true, however, I want to challenge and push myself. I want to see how far I can go with this! I’m sure many people will say this is useless, but I learn from my boss that don’t choose the easy way!

Tips if you are planning to make a multi-niche website

As The Rocky Safari said, Do it! If you have been thinking to make a multi-niche website, just do it. I have a few tips for you if you want to start a multi-niche website.

Connected content

If you will make a multi-niche website, I suggest to make the content connected or not to far. For example, if you are planning to write about anime, probably you don’t want to write about politic.

In my case, I write about Japan (anime, culture) Korean (kdrama, culture) Balinese (destination, culture), games and some of the technology. It might be not the best content together, but at least it is not too far (hopefully Lol).

Rely on on page SEO

If you have a multi-niche website I would recommend to work hard on the on page SEO on every single post because you have a multi-niche. In this way, you can ensure that your post could compete with other single-niche content.

I did this for every single post on mayrealm, at least I try as much as I could to improve the SEO. My posts that always get organic traffic are The Player and Your Honor kdrama review. Those posts get a good position on the second page and can compete with other single-niche content. I know the second page might be not good enough, but I’m proud of it because considering my website is still new and competing with a well-known website.

I only use SEO plugin by Yoast, I just follow their instruction and you will surprise how good it is can be!

Just write!

My last tip just do it and write! If you want to make really different niche just do it as well. In the end, it is your website you have the right to do anything. I believe blogging should be fun, as long as you having fun then it is ok whatever you do. Even though the path for a multi-niche is not easy but it is not impossible, there are many successful multi-nichw ebsiteste out there.

If you have a multi-niche website, I hope the best for your site and enjoy your journey! Let me know what you think about a multi-niche website? Are you against it or not?


May is the one and only person behind He lives in Bali, Indonesia and loves Kpop, Kdrama, Anime, and Games That is why you can find many posts related to those topics. He would like to share his little world through the website.

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