Speed Drifters: Crash Team Racing on Mobile?

It has been awhile since I review a game, I have a limited access to play a PC games since I don’t have a gaming PC. Meanwhile, on mobile gaming I still have a decent phone to play some games on it. So, let’s talk about the game now!


You might have noticed from the title, Speed Drifters is a mobile racing game from Garena. I’m not sure if Garena is a famous game developer and publisher in the world, but in Indonesia or probably ASEAN they have a quite decent name.

So basically, Speed Drifters is a mobile racing game with a various game mode i.e. Item mode, Speed mode, and Ranked mode. Not only relying on game modes, apparel or style is also important. You may choose apparel or style on the shop and make your own unique character.

Of course, it is not free. You need either diamond or voucher to rent the items (apparel, car, accessories, etc) or buy them permanently. It reminds me of Audition (a famous online dancing game in Indonesia), the character, accessories, interaction are almost similar.


In general, the gameplay is easy to understand. It took me a few minutes to understand the mechanic of the game. Also, there was a tutorial session that always useful to understand the mechanic for the first time. Since it is a racing game you will be competing to reach the finish line as fast as possible and get #1.

Drifting is a must!

Drifting is a must! As the title is “drifters”, means that you need to drift! In my opinion the nitro or boost is the most important part in the game. How to get nitro? drift! Seriously guys, at the first few matches I only drift during the curve and it works well.

Solo speed mode

However, on the higher level only that is not enough! Soon I discover that you could drift not only on the curve but also on the straight line. Well, I found this on the tutorial and the result was incredible. You will save so many time because you always get the nitro if you drift.

The video above is my gameplay during the first few matches. Please excuse the video quality and focus on the game 😀 You only have 4 parts to tap on i.e. navigation (left and right), drift, items, and boost. To drift, you just tap the drift button and then navigation after that you will get a boost if you don’t hit the wall. If you accumulate the boost, you will get nitro after.

You get boost on the air and when you landed


Map mastery is important

Map mastery is important, why? Because there are some shortcut or hidden road, or trick that you could find and do during the race and will save your time and overtake your opponent. The simple one is usually there is a small gap before the curve that you could use to overtake your opponent.

Team item mode

However, you have to be careful because most of the time you stuck or hit the wall. There are 5 other players and they will try to do the same, the result? you hit each other and become a mess.

There are easy, normal, and hard maps on the game. I found some of the maps are really difficult, either because of the road is not clear, many obstacles, and hard curves. It takes time to adjust with the map.


Various game modes

Speed Drifters - game mode
game modes

Basically, there are 2 types of game mode, normal racing (solo and team speed) and item racing (solo and team item). Normal racing means, purely competing with your skill, meanwhile, item racing you could attack your opponent with various items that you could find during the racing.

Ranked mode

Speed Drifters - Ranked mode
ranked mode

If you would like to compete in a more competitive way, ranked mode is for you. Here you will be competing with the same rank opponent. You will get point if you could finish within #1 – #3 and will lose the point if you could not finish the race and don’t get #1 – #3.

Personally, it is quite easy to get to gold rank. It took 8 days for me to get to gold 3 from the first day I try the game. Also, up to gold rank if you lose there is some help for the point so you will not lose many points. Of course, there will be a price if you could go to a higher rank

Racetrack king

Speed Drifters - Racetrack king
racetrack king

Another competitive match is racetrack king. On this match you will be competing to finish a certain map as fast as possible. You may challenge other record on the map and replace their position if you get a better time. The rank is only up to #500 and you will get a price.

Keep in mind that you have a limited chances every day, it is only 5/ day if I’m not wrong. You better to choose the map that familiar with you, or choosse the easy one. The map for each event will be different.


You can play campaign mode after you reach a certain level. This game mode is easy becasue you will be playing with bots. Also, you will get a lot of prices on this game mode i.e. costumes, cars, and voucher.

Speed Drifters - Campaign mode
campaign mode

For me, the hardest race would be the one that you have to lead more then 2000m ahead your opponent to get the price. you can keep repeating the race if you would like to.

Various costumes

Costumes is playing an important part in Speed Drifters. You could costumize your character based on your style. You may find apparels, accessories, faces, and pets to make your character looks cool. Also, before the race starts usually there will be a comparison for the style and the highest score will get #1.

Speed Drifters - Costume
costumes shop

There are no advantages wearing a cool costume and not wearing a costume at all, it is purely a cosmetics, at least until I write this post 😀 As you can see from the picture above, there is a score that you will get if you wear a costume and will be increasing.

Furthermore, there are many cars as well in the game that you can collect. You can rent or buy everything with voucher or diamond, You get the voucher from missions meanwhile, diamond you have to buy with your money.

Skills, mod, and trophy

Other important parts of the game are skills and mod, meanwhile, the trophy is just for accomplishment and you will get prices if you achieve something. You can unlock skills after you unlock license, based on your license you can upgrade your skill. The skill is like increase max speed of the car, increase boost, or gold earn.

Speed Drifters - Skills

Meanwhile, skills are within your character, the mod is your car. You can upgrade your car to make it faster with the mod. to upgrade skills you use gold, but to upgrade your car you need techno point.

Speed Drifters - mod

Trophy is just like an achievement and you get prices if you unlock the achievement. The price would be vouchers, gold, or a border on your picture profile.

Speed Drifters - trophy

Free to play or pay to win?

I think everyone would like to know this part the most, whether Speed Drifters from Garena is free to play or pay to win. I have been playing Speed Drifters for 8 days, so far I already have a permanent car, a permanent costume and I reach gold 3.

I bought the car 100% with vouchers that I collected from a bunch of mission from daily mission, event, and campaign. The permanent costume is free, you just need to login 8 days straight. So far, character level or costume does not mean anything or does not have anything to do with your race.

Pure cosmetics to make your character looks cool, does have any stat in it that will contribute to the race. So, I would say Speed Drifters is a free to play game. However, just like another game, you could speed up the process with your money. You can buy a permanent car, and upgarde it to max, but that’s it. If you can not play the game it would be useless.

For me, the game is still balance. Sometimes I play againts level 30 or even 40 with a super cool costume, but I could beat them if they don’t know how to play. So, it is free to play but you could speed up the process.

Tips to get voucher

Lastly, I would like to share how to get voucher to buy permanent costume or car quickly. I have done this things myself and in 8 days I bought a permanent car with 8700 vouchers.

Daily mission

Speed Drifters - daily mission
daily mission

the first thing to di is complete daily mission, don’t underestimated daily mission! you could get more than 300 vouchers a day just from daily mission. If you could, finish everything on daily mission to get as much as possible.

Event mission

Speed Drifters - event mission
event mission

Event mission is also a good place to collect voucher. The mission is relatively easy like daily mission and you could get at least up to 100 vouchers a day. Also, sometimes the price is a box that could contain gold or voucher.

Speed Drifters - main mission
main mission

Besides those missions, campaign mode is also a good place to collect one time voucher. I got many vouchers early in the game from campaign mode, but only one time. The trophy also good, but usually it is harder than the other mission and takes time to get vouchers.

The point is you have to be consistent and play every day. I play at least just to finish all the missions every day in 8 days.


I would recommend Speed Drifters from Garena! Nowadays is all about MOBA or battle royale game. For those who are looking for another fun yet competitive game, this game would be good. It is easy to collect voucher to buy a permanent car or costume, you just need to be patient about it.

If you OK spending some money, then you could buy diamond or open gacha box to get random prices. The point is Speed Drifters is a free to play game and you don’t have to spend money to play the game. You could just play with your friend together and have fun!


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