Tanah Lot: A Temple Above A Rock In The Sea

Bali is famous with the culture, tradition, nature, and of course the temple. There are many temples in Bali that is worth to check if you visit Bali. One of the famous temple is called Tanah Lot which is a temple above a rock on the sea.

The History of Tanah Lot

Back in the 15th century when in Indonesia Hinduism is still on the rise and many priests came to Bali to spread the religion. A priest named Dang Hyang Nirartha went to Bali to spread about Hinduism, the King in Bali was King Dalem Waturenggong which was really supportive and willing to learn about the religion.

Then, Dang Hyang Nirartha saw a light from the south sea of Bali which is the location of Tanah Lot Temple now. He went there to check, however, the leader of the village did not want to accept his religion. When Dang Hyang Nirartha meditated on a rock, the leader of the village called Beraban Sakti tried to bother his meditation.

With his spiritual power, Dang Hyang Nirartha moved the rock to the sea. After saw his power the leader of the village finally admitted his religion and followed him. Soon After, they built the temple on the rock and named it Tanah Lot which means a rock on the sea.

Not only built the temple, but Dang Hyang Nirartha also gave his shawl or scarf that turned to snake and guard the temple. Also, a keris to protect the village from diseases. Even now you may find the snake on the temple, the snake is a sea snake which you may find on the sea and really venomous.

Where is Tanah Lot

The temple is located at Beraban village in Tabanan regency. If you are staying around Canggu, it takes around 20 minutes to the temple. You may find on the map below or through this link.

What to Expect if You Visit


If you are planning to visit the temple, the good time to visit might be on the evening to enjoy the sunset. You may take a good picture of the temple during the sunset. There are 2 temples, one is on the sea and the other one is on the cliff.

Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple
Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple from above

There are many good spots to take a beautiful picture. Also, sometimes you might see people using a drone to take a picture or video.

Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple
Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple from the shore after I visited the temple through the water

Go To the Temple

Besides the sunset, you might be able to go to the temple depending on the water level. Usualy, there are local people that will guide you to the temple. The temple is not far from the shore, if the water level is not too high you can just walk. Keep in mind that the water is quite strong and the rock is slippery and always be careful with your electronics belonging.

Once you arrived at the temple, the priest will give you holy water and you can wash your face as well because there is a water source. Do not forget to leave some money to support the place. Also, you might see the snake as well

See The Ceremony

If you would like to see the ceremony at the temple, you may need to visit at a certain time. The ceremony happens every 210 days. The easiest way is to come a day after Kuningan. You will see many Balinese go there to pray and experience more the Balinese culture on that day.

Buy Souvenir

If you are looking for a souvenir to bring home, you will find many shops that sell various souvenirs. From a wood carving, T-shirt, and Balinese traditional sarong. Many food stalls that sell any kind of food as well.


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