The Childhood Anime that We Miss

I’m so proud as a generation ’90s, during my childhood there were lots of anime on the TV especially on Sunday. The memory is still clear in my mind, I stand by from 6 am in the morning to watch my favorite Gundam in action (yes 6 am!!). The anime was full from the morning until the afternoon, there were 2 or 3 channels that had anime on Sunday if I’m not mistaken so I had to changed the channels between the commercial break. I will write down a few anime that I watched when I was a kid, basically I grew up with these anime and it was a good time!

1. Gundam

Please bear with me I really love gundam so I have to put it first, though the number is not the ranking since I like all of them. Gundam Wing was the first mecha anime that I watched, since then I really love gundam. The thing about gundam is the story, most of the story is about the earth VS the space colony either the problem is resources or revenge. The main character in the anime is Yuy Heero with the other 4 guys. After Gundam Wing era has been finished, there were 2 other gundam anime i.e. Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. In my opinion these 2 title were the golden era of gundam, for those who do not know Gundam seed and Gundam Seed Destiny is connected to each other. So basically after these 2 gundams finished, there was no successor for a long time (at least for me).

2. Inuyasha

The story is about a girl that transfers to the past, nearly 500 years in the past when the human was fighting with the demon. She meets a half dog demon and half human named Inuyasha whom accused to kill Kikyou and took the Shikon jewel that would grant any wish. Then Inuyasha and Kagome team up with Miroku, Sango and Shippo and starts their adventure to collect the jewel and prevent Naraku to get the jewel. Besides the interesting story, the OST of Inuyasha also cool i.e. Change The World by V6 and fukai mori by Do as Infinity.

3. Digimon

I’m sure everyone knows about Digimon, 7 kids receive strange devices and transport them to unknown world. They have to survive in the unknown world, thanks to the devices that they received they have accompanies called Digimon. Besides they have to survive, the Digimon world fate is on their hand since a force of evil power spreading in the Digimon world and kill the Digimon. For those who miss Digimon, I think there is a new sequel has been released a few years ago called Digimon Adventure Tri. Basically the story is set a few years later after they came back to the real world and became a little bit older.

4. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a must if we are talking about childhood anime, even though the anime is still airing. The story is about the main character Son Goku which is a Super Saiyan and protect the earth from any disruption from the other race and of course about the 7 Dragon Balls itself that would grant a wish. The anime was airing from 1986 – 1989, like I said even though the Dragon Ball is finished there are other sequel i.e. Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Z. Through the successful of the anime, there are a lot of game adaptation as well since the genre itself (fighting) really suitable for battle game.

5. One Piece

Another epic anime series, started airing on 1999 and until today we would not be able to see the ending of this anime yet. The goal of this anime is Monkey D. Luffy that would like to become a pirate king, however the road to become a pirate king is not that easy and from episode to episode there are a lot of twists, secret, and mystery about the world itself that slowly reveals to the air and make One Piece one of the best anime of all time.

6. Doraemaon

Started on 1979 and finished on 2005, Doraemon the cat robot that assist Nobita in his daily life. Generally the story is all about Nobita and his life, since Nobita is the laziest student on his school and really clumsy, Daraemon often helps him with his tools from the future that he can easily takes from his pocket. We could learn a few things from Doraemon e.g. there is no quick way if you would like to achieve something in your life. Often Nobita asks Doraemon to help him finish everything in an easy way with help of Doraemon tools, but also in the end there would be something bad happen due to his act. So I think Doraemon is a good anime despite of the simple story.

7. Dr. Slump

After all of the mecha, demon, and battle anime, now it comes the comedy! Fun fact : Toriyama Akira is the manga artist of this anime, and actually he is the one behind Dragon Ball as well (his best known work). The story relies on Norimaki Senbei that created Arale, a humanoid little girl. Even though Arale is a robot and has a superhuman power, her act is just like an innocence little girl with a high curiosity. The story is simple since the target is kid and has a good and appropriate comedy in it.

Obviously there are still a lot of good anime during the childhood e.g. Beyblade, Let’s and Go, Crush Gear, Naruto and the list could going on until forever. It took long time for me to finish this post since so many choices of anime. This is just some of the anime, I watched almost off them during my childhood and I still continue watching some of the new anime. Write on the comment below your favorite anime!


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