The Divine Fury Review

Alright, first of all, how come I did not know The Divine Fury exist? I’m a big fan of demon and god, exorcism kind of movie, yet I did not know this movie at all. I saw Park Seo Joon as the main character and my hope was escalated quickly!

To be honest, I feel like the movie could’ve done better than this. Sure Park Seo Joon is attracting some people because it’s him. However, I feel like The Divine Fury is too plain and sometimes lack of character information and the scene just jumping here and there too fast.


The Divine Furry is a horror, action, mystery, and superpower kind of movie. Starring Park Seo Joon as the main character, he was obedient and believe to God’s existence. However, after he lost his father he turned his back and doesn’t believe in God anymore. Until one day he got a wound on his hand that can not heal, then it turned out it is a mark that could exorcise the demon.

The cast

Park Seo-joon!! Alright, I’m pretty sure most of the people watching The Divine Fury just because of Park Seo Joon or Woo Do-hwan, or maybe Choi Woo-shik from the infamous Parasite movie. Other than those handsome actors, there is one more person Ahn Sung-ki.

The surprising thing is, there is no strong candidate in The Divine Fury that I could nominate as the heroine. I had high hope for the heroine considering the lead actor is Park Seo Joon. However, there is no one as the heroine I would say. Quite disappointing, because normally you have to have a heroine!

Oh but, Park Ji-hyun is there!! Love her acting since the first time I saw her in Your Honor Drama.


Religious family

Yong-hoo (Park Seo-joon) was born and raised in a religious family. His father always tells him to pray to God to ask for help. Until one day, as usual, his father is a police and finds a suspicious guy driving a car. As his duty is to make sure that everyone is following the rule, he asks the guy to do a check to make sure he is not using drugs or alcohol.

The Divine Fury - Demon
The demon that kills Yong-hoo father

However, turned out that the guy is possessed by a demon and just dragged Yong-hoo’s father with the car. Knowing his father is in hospital, Yong-hoo goes to a church and met a pastor that told him just pray to God and his father would be fine.

Of course, his father passed away in the end and Yong-hoo turns his back from God at the same time. The setting was good, there is a reason why Yong-hoo doesn’t believe in God.

Ability to exorcist

So, long story short he becomes an MMA fighter. During one fight he sees a tattoo on the back of his opponent. That tattoo was Jesus with the cross, and somehow that makes him angry and hears voices on his head.

The Divine Fury - Jesus and cross
Jesus and cross tattoo

To be honest I don’t quite understand why the demon is trying to take his body or influence him even though he has the power to do exorcist. Maybe it is because he hates God in general and demon generally approaching that kind of person.

The Divine Fury - Jesus on cross
Jesus on cross sticking on his right hand

Until one day he is dreaming about Jesus on cross sticking on his right hand. He could not get rid of that, after he woke up he has a wound like a puncture on his right hand where Jesus and cross was. This is just the start, demon always comes to him while he is sleeping but fortunately the wound protects him.

The Divine Fury - Shaman sees many demons
The shaman sees many demons

He doesn’t believe in God or any spiritual things, but after he sees all the tests in the hospital about his wound nothing could explain it. He decided to try the alternative way which is visiting a shaman. The shaman sees many demons chasing after him because his heart fills with hatred. Things that prevent the demons are his father’s ring and the cross sign on his right hand.

The Divine Fury - First Exorcist
First Exorcist

The shaman suggested him to go to a church near his place to find people that could help him. It turned out there are 2 priests doing an exorcism, and he discovered that his wound on his right hand could exorcist demon by touching them.

Helping the exorcist

The Divine Fury - Dark Bishop
Dark bishop

Dark Bishop is the main enemy in The Divine Fury, basically he does black magic and offers humans to demons and gain power from them. To achieve his goal, he builds a night club and gains followers from the club to offer to demons. I assume that the guy who killed Yong-hoo’s father is from that night club

The Divine Fury - Soo Jin
Soo jin possessed

The second person that possessed was Soo-jin (Park Ji-hyun). She is the key to the dark bishop as well because she knows where is the night club called Babylon. Finally, there is an actress and it is Park Ji-hyun. I mentioned this before but I love her acting since I watched Your honor.

So, basically Yong-hoo is attached to the priest now and helping him to do an exorcism and find the dark bishop. Since Yong-hoo lost his father when he was young, I think he sees the priest as a father. There are some scenes where both of them joking despite the dangerous situation.

The Divine Fury - Eating Together
Eating together

I kind of like the scene above, where the priest copied Yong-hoo on how to open the food wrap. It is a heartwarming scene between the two characters and deepens their relationship.

The Verdict

I’m a fan of God and Demon, exorcism, zombie and anything related to those kinds of genre. The Divine Fury is not perfect, there are many missing pieces of information and I think the story just too simple. The just did several exorcisms and found the dark bishop is behind all the possessed person.

In my opinion, at least they have to explain a bit the background of the movie and who is the enemy. I know a movie is different from a drama, but I love The Guest more than The Divine Fury. The story is complex with plot twist here and there.

Having said that, if you just want to watch this kind of movie I would say go ahead. It won’t leave a remarkable aftertaste, but it gets the job done to fulfill your desire for this kind of genre which is hard to find nowadays I think.


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