The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 1 Review

Finally, I can write another review of Kdrama. I think many people are anticipating The King: Eternal Monarch since this drama also featuring Lee Min-ho as the lead actor. This Kdrama is also Lee Min-ho who comes back after finishing his army service.

Obviously, not only Lee Min-ho that causing hype for this Kdrama. There are several other names such as Kim Go-eun, Jung Eun-chae, and Woo Do-hwan. First of all, I watch this Kdrama because I feel the hype. Secondly, I’m curious about the plot since I saw that the genre also science-fiction.

Let’s see if I can watch it until the last episode or not, I might drop it if it’s not my cup of tea.


The story focuses on Lee Gon’s life after he lost his father and escape death as someone mysterious saved him. During the accident, his uncle killed his father to get a magical flute. After the accident, Lee Gon becomes king of the Kingdom of Corea. Through the flute, he will discover many good and bad things.

The casts

Move on to the casts, as you can see on the video above Lee Min-ho as Lee Gon is the leading male and Kim Go-eun as Jung Tae-eul / Luna is the leading female. I think most of the people know who those are. There are other names such as Jung Eun-chae as Goo Seo-ryung and Woo Do-hwan as Jo Eun-seob / Jo Young. I know Jung Eun-chae through another Kdrama named The Guest which I really recommend watching!


The king is dead

The King: Eternal Monarch - Lee Rim
Lee Rim

Lee Rim is the king’s sibling that eventually kills the king because of his thirst for power. He wants to take the flute from the king because legend says that the flute has a powerful ability. He manages to get a follower that helps him with the plan to kill the king. Finally, that night he kills the king and takes the flute.

The King: Eternal Monarch - Lee Gon with sword
Lee Gon with sword

However, Lee Gon passes by and sees everything. Apparently, Lee Gon could hurt Lee Rim with the sword and split the flute into two parts. Lee Rim obviously tries to kill Lee Gon, fortunately, someone comes and saved Lee Gon. That someone possibly was Jung Tae-eul or her from another world. In the end, Lee Rim has one part, and Lee Gon has the other part.

The King: Eternal Monarch - Lee Rim tries to kill Lee Gon
Lee Rim tries to kill Lee Gon

The other world

suspicious gate

During the runaway, Lee Rim eventually discovers the power of the flute. There is a suspicious pillar stone just like a gate and he goes inside. Surprisingly, he got transferred to another world and met his brother which is the king in his real-world but just a normal person in the other world.

Lee Rim kills himself from other world
Lee Rim kills himself from other world

He visits his double from another world, and he could not do anything and just sitting in a wheelchair. Furthermore, most likely he kills everyone in the house. To be honest, I do not see a reason for this, I mean he can use him in the future maybe. Unless he wants to live in the other world and prepare everything before come back to his real-world which I assume he would do.

Lee RIm finds his follower
Lee Rim finds his follower

Knowing there is another world that he can visit, he travels back and forth in order to gain some power in another world and find his follower from his real-world. I’m not sure what is his plan since this is only episode 1. Maybe he wants to take over the other world because there is a scene when he talks to his follower that he will show him a new world.

Lee Gon travel to other world

Jung Tae-eul

In the last 15 to 20 minutes of episode 1, finally, Jung Tae-eul made her appearance. She is a police officer in another world, not sure what is she doing in Lee Gon’s world. Since she is dealing with criminals, her personality is a bit strong 😀

I do not really understand with the rabbit though, Lee Gon is looking for a rabbit after he tells story about rabbit to kids. I know the fact that he puts Tae-eul identity card in a rabbit book but I do not get it why. Because in the end he follows a rabbit or actually a person wearing a rabbit jacket (not sure just his imagination or real) and finds the gate to another world.

Lee Gon find the gate
Lee Gon find the gate

Finally, he goes to another world and guess what? He meets Jung Tae-eul! In another world it is called The Republic of Korea, while in Lee Gon’s world it is called The Republic of Corea (should’ve mentioned it earlier :D). Lee Gon is like a weirdo as he is wearing a suit and riding a white horse in a city.

Jung Tae-eul from Lee Gon’s world

Before talking about the last scene, I would like to explain a bit that Jung Tae-eul saw herself from Lee Gon’s world (probably) through the mirror. Probably, Jung Tae-eul from Corea could open the gate or follows Lee Gon after he opens the gate or maybe just hallucination. It is quite scary though 😀

Here we go, the last scene is Lee Gon meets Jung Tae-eul. Lee Gon recognizes her but Jung Tae-eul has no idea. I have not watched the second episode yet, a bit curious about the next episode though.

Lee Gon meets Jung Tae-eul
Lee Gon meets Jung Tae-eul

My thought

I think so far is good, I mean I just watched the first episode and there are still many missing information. I saw the rating for The King: Eternal Monarch is quite high when I wrote this review. This is so hype because this is Lee Min-ho first drama after a while, and obviously because the other casts as well.

The girls would be entertained I think because of the bromance shows by Lee Gon and Jo Young (Lee Gon’s guard). Both of them are handsome and has a good chemistry in this Kdrama. I will keep watching The King: Eternal Monarch and update you guys how it goes, but maybe I will drop it if not good haha.


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