The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 2

Alright, here is The King: Eternal Monarch episode 2. I wrote episode 1 here if you missed it. I kinda curious after watching the first episode as that episode was only a short introduction and I’m still confused about a lot of things.

Episode 2 was quite fun for me, I could feel I smile continuously at some of the scenes. Especially, the scenes where everyone just talking and treating Lee Gon as a normal person. I would say episode 2 is well executed.

Violating the law

In the last episode, Lee Gon suddenly hugs Tae-eul knowing that she is the person that he is looking for. Lee Gon is smart, he discovers quickly that he is in another world. Well, this is the first scene that might make you guys smile a bit. If you have watched episode 1, you know that Tae-eul personality is strong.

The king: eternal monarch - Tae-eul asking identity cards
Tae-eul asking identity cards

What would happen if someone just randomly hugs her after she shows her identity as a police officer? Fortunately, she does not throw Lee Gon instantly (that was my expectation though). She just confused and starts asking identity cards etc.

the king: eternal monarch - Tae-eul checks fingerprint
Tae-eul checks fingerprint

In the end, she brings him to the police station to do some interrogation. On the police station, Lee Gon explains that he is from another world and he is a king so Tae-eul better to speak carefully. Obviously, Tae-eul does not buy his explanation and keep doing the interrogation. Lee Gon is a bit shock after knowing Tae-eul personality though πŸ˜€

Jo Eun-sup
Jo Eun-sup

Then, Lee Gon’s trustworthy guard shows up on the police station, at least that’s what was Lee Gon thinking after seeing Jo Eun-sup. Well, he is just another guy from another world that has the same feature as his guard, their personality is completely different though.

Lee Gon realizes that Jo Eun-sup is not his guard after seeing his bright personality and does some dancing and jokes. Those are completely the opposite of his guard personality πŸ˜€ In the end, Tae-eul could not identify his identity as they could not find it. DNA check is the last resort to find who is he.

This is also funny, since Lee Gon explains Albert Einstein mechanical quantum theory and seems like Tae-eul paying attention. But, after a while, she just wants to swap into his mouth to get his saliva for the DNA test.

Lee Gon is flexing

real diamond
real diamond

At this point, the whole kingdom is looking for Lee Gon as he just disappears without a trace. Meanwhile, Lee Gon is waiting for the DNA test and since he does not have money he sells his shirt button made of diamond to get money and place to stay πŸ˜€

Jo Eun-sup
Jo Eun-sup

Selling the shirt button earns him some money to stay at an expensive hotel and shopping. Lee Gon invites Jo Eun-sup to help him with the shopping, maybe he ask him because he is his guard at his world. Jo Eun-sup likes it anyway as he gets some stuff too πŸ˜€

Lee Gon seems like spending a lot of money since all his buttons already gone. I still do not get some part of the story, like the investigation that Tae-eul does. I’m not sure whether it is related to Lee Gon or Lee Rim.

Lee Rim

I do not quite understand Lee Rim’s part as well, to be honest. Considering he comes way before Lee Gon, I’m expecting he establishes something in another world. He looks really low profile, even helping painting a temple.

Lee Rim
Lee Rim

Moreover, he is helping a woman that probably the same as the woman in episode 1. I’m not sure who is this woman, I think she is his brother’s wife. So, to sump up everything Lee Rim already killed his brother, himself, and his nephew from another world. Hopefully it is correct, I’m still a bit lost.

Basically, Lee Rim metes again with the woman in a restaurant when the woman celebrating her son I guess. Her son has a problem with his legs and could not walk, and his friends give him a ball to make fun of him.

Then Lee Rim asks her what is her wish, she says to make her son could walk again. Lee Rim says it is obviously impossible, but he can help if she changes her wish to make the kids that made fun of her son to feel the same.

in the end, those kids involve in a traffic accident and the woman completely changes her appearance.

That’s it about episode 2, the last few minutes Lee Gon meets Tae-eul friend that probably will be his rival. Also, Lee Gon talks to Tae-eul that she is the reason why he has to stay in another world.


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