The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 3

Alright, it’s time to continue the story about The King: Eternal Monarch! This is episode 3, you can find episode 2 here and episode 1 here if you would like to check it as well.

In the last episode, Lee Gon stating that Tae-eul is his reason to stay in another world and he asks Tae-eul to become his queen. Obviously, Tae-eul does not take that seriously and in the end, Lee Gon brings her to the bamboo place where he could find the stone pillars.


the king: eternal monarch - looking for door to other world
looking for door to other world

Tae-eul insisting to see proof that Lee Gon is from another world, then Lee Gon brings her to the bamboo place to find the pillars. However, without the flute, the pillars will not appear. Seems like Lee Gon is also proving his hypothesis about the pillars, he wants to prove whether or not he needs the flute to open the gate.

Tae-eul warns Lee Gon once the DNA test finishes she will know his relatives and where he is from also she will not help him afterward. Moreover, on this scene, Lee Gon explains a little bit of his past about his parents that passed away and when he was 8 years old he had to do the funeral ceremony for his father.

the king:eternal monarch - the Republic of Corea symbol
the Republic of Corea symbol

Furthermore, Shin-jae discovers something important regarding the Kingdom of Corea symbol on Lee Gon’s horse saddle. I assume that Shin-jae finds this symbol on some criminal cases that he is working on. Lee Gon is not the only one from the Kingdom of Corea, there is Lee Rim that came before him.

I’m pretty sure Lee Rim did a lot of things to gain power in another world and preparing himself to once again attack the Kingdom of Corea. Lee Gon seems like does not really care about Shin-jae curious about the symbol. However, Shin-jae is getting more suspicious about Lee Gon.

King is missing too long

At this point, Lee Gon is missing for several days, and rumors are starting to spreading up in the Kingdom of Corea. To prevent another weird and dangerous rumors, the head court lady hires Myeong Seung-ah to be a staff of the public affairs division. Her role is only one, which is to make good news in order to keep the king’s image.

the king:eternal of monarch - new staff Myeong Seung-ah
new staff

Meanwhile, in the Republic of Korea, the department of criminal finally got a new member. This scene was quite funny to me, basically, there were two guys that have opposite looks (one is handsome, the other like a criminal). Judging by the cover, everyone in the office is assuming the good looking guy is the new member.

the king:eternal of monarch - new member
new member

However, he is the criminal and the guy that looks like a criminal actually the new member. To make it even funnier, he has a unique name along with an email address πŸ˜€ To cover the rumors, Myeong Seung-ah has an idea to post something on SNS. The idea is to post something beautiful or happy to cover the rumors.

the king:eternal monarch - Jo Yeong SNS
Jo Yeong SNS

Jo Yeong is her target, considering he does not have SNS account and suddenly he creates an account and post something would be a good distraction.

Time to go back and Lee Rim plan

wound reacting after thunder
wound reacting after thunder

Spending several days in another world and after investigating how the gate works, Lee Gon finally able to know how’s the gate works. He needs to always bring the flute to be able to use the gate. However, there is one scene during rain and thunder where Lee Gon’s wound from the flute reacting.

I’m not sure if that the wound causes by the flute or not, but it seems like it. Lee Gon then goes back to his world a day after the wound reacting. Another interesting story is Lee Rim finally makes his move. I think he able to find a crack and abuse the gate in order to get information from his world.

Lee Rim is cheking book
Lee Rim is cheking book

At one scene he goes to an old book store and picks a book, there is a note inside the book. I assume that his people from another world are helping him collecting information about the current condition. Moreover, if you guys pay attention to Lee Rim, he always brings an umbrella where he is putting the flute.

prime minister's mother
prime minister’s mother

The umbrella is at  Goo Seo-ryung’s (prime minister of the kingdom of corea) mother place. The truth is her mother is a merchant in a market, and they are from a normal family. Her mother stating that the owner of the umbrella will come back to take the umbrella, I’m assuming that Lee Rim is plotting something here.

Lee Rim's umbrella
Lee Rim’s umbrella

I think it is save to say that Lee Rim is planning something and he gets power in the Republic of Korea because he can utilize the power of the flute. At the end, Lee Rim is actually preparing his army.

Also, I would like to mention that on episode 3 Lee Gon shows his figthing skill a little bit. He helps Shin-jae and Tae-eul fighting a gang that seems like have a problem with Shin-jae. Moreover, I’m also interested to see Shin-jae character a little bit.

He used to be rich, but somehow become poor and I think he has some debt. There is one scene that showing a criminal tries to bribe him. I think he has a potential to betray his friend because he needs money and could not decline at some point.


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