The Reason I Made A Website

For those who are confused whether to make a website or not, hopefully you can decide after you read and know the reason I made a website.

1. To Improve My English


The first reason why I made a website especially an English website was to improve my English. I had a website few years ago, but it was with Bahasa Indonesia so I would not be able to improve my English with the website. Why improving your English through website? because in Indonesia or at least in my hometown where I stay, it is hard to find a chance to actually use the language. I was really lucky to got a job with English as the main language. Also it is good for me to practice writing and learn a new vocabulary or improve my grammar.

2. Challenge Myself

Challenges Ahead

I like to challenge myself and see how far I could go or just simply to see my limit. Like I mentioned before, I had website a few years ago and its a failure. Now I challenge myself again to make another website and see how far it goes. It is also good to learn new things so you have skill that the other might not have.

3. Make Use of Free Time


Well I do have free time on Saturday and Sunday since those days office is close. I just trying to make my time worth it, because most of the time during holiday I just lay in my bed and watch movie or anime. I’m not saying those are bad things to do, but it would be good if I could use my time to do something else that have a positive impact to myself. Now I started to read a book as well, it is hard to do something else that different from my habit but I just need to push myself until I’m get use to it.

4. As A place for Sharing


As a place for sharing, basically I share my interest on this website. I will write and post everything that I like and matter to me. Well of course I’m hoping that the other find my website is useful somehow. I do have a lot of idea sometimes in my head, and I think it would be great if I can write it somewhere.

5. It is Fun!


This is also important, not only for website but also for everything that you do. It is fun for me to see the website growing slowly. It is fun to see that there is people that visit my random website and I excited to always update the website for the visitor.

So those are the reason why I made the website, hopefully it will be useful for someone that still confused whether to make a website or not. You might think that make and maintain a website is hard, well nowadays I think it is really easy to make a website and there is a lot of tutorial how to make website. You can start from the free website if you do not want to spend your money for hosting and domain. Once you confident with what you do then step up your game!


May is the one and only person behind He lives in Bali, Indonesia and loves Kpop, Kdrama, Anime, and Games That is why you can find many posts related to those topics. He would like to share his little world through the website.

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