Ultimate Tips Before You Make a Website

I started creating a website when I was in college, at that time I spent a lot of my time watching anime, movie, and playing video games. So, I created a website about game and technology in my native language Bahasa Indonesia. To be honest, it was fun, I created the logo and asked my friend to help me finalize the logo so it looked professional. I updated regularly because I had a little bit more time during the college stage and I enjoyed it.

After that, I created my second website which was e-commerce as part of the entrepreneur class. This time was a bit harder because I had to make sales for my products. I was really newbie at that time and have no idea about how a website works, server, etc. But, I got a lot of experiences during that time.

Without any further do, like the title above I will share some tips for you that would like to make your first blog or website.

Choose the right hosting

website hosting

If you want to make a website you will need a hosting to save or store all your website data. I know this is really basic, but trust me you don’t want to choose a hosting randomly or you will regret it!

Back when I was in college with my game website and e-commerce, I chose not the best hosting to store all my websites data. I did not have much money to spare at that time so I just choose the cheapest hosting.

It was going well for a few months until my websites got hacked several times. Also, read carefully the hosting package that you would like to purchase. In my case, there was some limitation for the visitor, if exceeding the amount they will do something about it or you have upgraded the hosting.

You have to think about the service as well, many hosting companies offering 24hr support. My hosting company now is really good, they respond and fix the problem really quick. Furthermore, nowadays many hosting offering free domain so basically, you just need to pay the hosting and the domain automatically included. So, before you make your website first find a reliable hosting company to host your website.

Define your goal

What are your goals

OK, now you found the hosting company that you need, what’s next? Before jump into buying your domain and hosting, I would suggest defining your goal with the website. Either to make money or just as a hobby and you don’t care that much with monetization.

For me, my website is a platform to express my self and improve my English writing skill. However, I started to put some ads from google just to make some money at least to cover the hosting bill. You might notice that the posts are so random and I don’t have any particular niche for the website. That’s because I’m not really expecting to generate much money from the website. Of course, it would be fantastic if I could generate more money.

Having said that, If you would like to earn a serious amount of money through your website, you have to treat your website as a business from the start.

Make a useful post

Post is the content or the most important part in your website, people will always search something on search engine to find information that they need. Since this is the most important part of your website, you have to be carefull about this.

You have to think quality over quantity, what does that mean? I would suggest making 1 really good and informative post instead of 10 not so usefull posts. If you have a really good post, it will affect how google or other search engine sees your website and possibly you get a good position on the search engine.

In fact, backlinko and sweor did some research about the length of the post related to the search position on Google, backlink, etc.

total word related to position
Total words related to the position
Source: backlinko

As you can see on the table above, the more words on the content the highest position in google search. Having said that, don’t make a long post just for the sake of it, make a genuine informative post.

Work hard and consistency

The last tips would be work hard and consistent! I’m sure you already did some research about generating money through your website. And guess what? You probably found something like this “got $1.000 in the first 1 month of blogging”, “got 100.000 page views after 1 month” and many more.

It gives you motivation and confident after you saw that posts, I felt this as well in the past. Having said that, do you think it is easy to earn that much money or page views? NO, but it is possible. Trust me, it is not easy as it looks like.

After 8 months working on mayrealm.com, it is still like a graveyard. I only get 5 or 6 average visitor/day. Why? Well, I guess because I have a multi-niche website instead of focusing on 1 topic. I explain this on the other post, you can find it through the link below Single-niche VS multi-niche

So, the point is you have to work hard to create content as good as possible. You might not see the result soon after you have done many things, but with your consistency, you will reach the point someday, just don’t give up!

Bonus tip: Choose your target carefully

I have a bonus tip for you guys, you have to consider your target audience before you make your very first website. What does this means? So, basically if English is not your native speaker you have 2 chances, 1) use your native speaker and focus only in your country, 2) use english and target all over the world.

Please keep this in mind, just because you use English and targeting the world does not mean you will get many traffics. I personally think that if I created my website focusing in Indonesia (use Bahasa Indonesia and .id as the domain) I will gain more visitor. Why is that possible? Because many people in Indonesia love Kpop, Kdrama, games, anime, etc. And not many people or individual doing blogging so there is a high chance to get the traffic.

But, that’s not my case. I created mayrealm.com to improve my English writing skill, so I’m still OK with the small visitor because I just want to write. Having said that, you really need to think about your target. You don’t have to use your country domain specific and can stick to .com instead, just the language.

These are my tips for you based on my experience developing my websites. If you have other usefull tips, feel free to write down on the comment below so everyone will know as well!


May is the one and only person behind mayrealm.com. He lives in Bali, Indonesia and loves Kpop, Kdrama, Anime, and Games That is why you can find many posts related to those topics. He would like to share his little world through the website.

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