Vagabond Kdrama Starring Lee Seung-Gi and Bae Suzy Review

Vagabond finally release!! Who’s here hype for Lee Seung-Gi? I’m of course looking forward to Bae Suzy! It has been a while since I watch and review Kdrama. I’m really looking forward to Vagabond, it is one of my favorite Kdrama genres! Alright guys, without any further do let’s start the review.


Vagabond is an action and thriller Kdrama. Let me tell you one thing, this Kdrama is HUGE! The filming was not only in Korea but also abroad (Portugal and Morroco). Also, before Vagabond Bae Suzy and Lee Seung-Gi starred on Gu Family Book in 2013.

Airing from the 20th of September every Friday and Saturday in South Korea, it will be finished within 16 episodes.

The Cast

The main casts are Lee Seung-Gi, Bae Suzy, and Shin Sung-Rok. Not only the main casts are good, but the supporting casts are as good as the main cast. Generally, in every Kdrama the main and supporting casts are perfectly fit for their role, therefore they make a good combination and chemistry.

Lee Seung-Gi as Cha Dal-Gun, He is the lead male character. Cha Dal-Gun has martial art skills, that is why his dream is to become a great actor. However, his life does not go as well as he wants, he just manages to become a stuntman. He lives with his nephew Cha Hoon who is abandoned by his mother.

Bae Suzy as Go Hae-Ri, She is a NIS (National Intelligent Service) agent. Due to her poor skill and probably attitude as well, she has to work and cover her identity to investigate in Morroco. Shin Sung-Rok as Ki Tae-Woong, He is working with Go Hae-Ri in NIS as head of the information team.

Other than the main casts, I like Moon Jeong-Hee as Jessica Lee (John and Mark President for Asia) and Lee Geung-Yong as Edward Park (Head Of Dynamic KP). In my opinion, Moon Jeong-Hee fits with Jessica Lee Character. She is so evil and such a sly fox, meanwhile, Lee Geung-Yong as Edward park is really hard to guess whether he is a good or bad man, his face just looks good for the character.

Not to mention a beautiful yet dangerous lady called Lily played by Park Ah-In. Her face just familiar to me, I saw her on My Strange Hero Kdrama. Her face really fits the character lily, love it!

The Story

Alright, let’s jump into the story! Cha Dal-Gun life has changed after his nephew Cha Hoon involved in a plane crash from South Korea to Morroco. Cha Hoon is one of the Taekwondo team that will represent South Korea in order to celebrate South Korea and Morroco’s diplomatic relationship. Their plane crashed before arriving in Morroco, and this is not a normal plane crash.

Big Conspiracy

Aside from that accident, South Korea is in the middle of a negotiation with John and Mark and Dynamic. This negotiation is about buying air force, Dynamic has an advantage because of their advanced technology and good price. Meanwhile, John and Mark’s fighter performance is behind Dynamic at a higher price.

Vagabond - Negotiation air force
Negotiation for air force

In the end, Jessica Lee pulls the trigger to make Dynamic in a huge disadvantage. The plane from South Korea to Morroco is made by Dynamic, that is why John and Mark target that plane.

Having a small hint on this tragedy makes Cha Dal-Gun want to uncover this and let everyone know that the plane crashed was not an accident. In the end, he met Go Hae-Ri and they are working together to uncover this. However, this leads to so many complicated things and turned into a super huge conspiracy.

This is what I’m expecting when it comes to this kind of Kdrama. Kdrama is really good to make such a big conspiracy. This is the main dish that Vagabond offers, to uncover a huge conspiracy. I watched until episode 6 now until I wrote this post, and still hard to guess who is good and bad. everyone just looks like a bad person now.

Intense Actions

Not only a good storyline, but you can also expect a good and intense action on Vagabond. In fact, the first 3 episodes are full of action showing Lee Seung-Gi as Cha Dal-Gun in a huge fighting scene like in Hollywood movies. Not only fighting scenes but jumping from one building to another building, even fighting inside a car.

Vagabond - fighting scene
the fighting scene on car

It reminds me of the K2, intense action, big conspiracy, good storyline, and good cast member. If you think about that, almost most of the good kdrama has similarities. For example, shooting some of the scenes abroad, in Vagabond it was in Morroco and Portugal. Meanwhile, The K2 also has some of the scenes abroad, as well as The Descendant of The Sun.

I think those are one of the patterns for action kdrama to take in order to hit the jackpot.


Alright, last but not least let’s talk about romance! It is not a legit kdrama if there is no love in the air despite the genre. All I want to say is there is a love triangle here between Cha Dal-Gun, Go Hae-Ri, and Ki Tae-Woong.

Go Hae-Ri seems to like Ki Tae-Woong but she just pretends to not like him. On the other hand, Cha Dal-Gun also doesn’t like Go Hae-Ri for the first time. However, He spent so much time with her in Morroco and slowly he feels something.

I’m really curious about their relationship at the end. In the first episode, there was a scene where Cha Dal-Gun looks like with the army and needs to take down someone that turned out to be Go Hae-Ri. That is the reason why I thought Go Hae-Ri is a bad person, Vagabond just started airing so anything could change no one knows.


Let’s wrap everything up! For me, Vagabond is a must watch kdrama in 2019. To be honest, I haven’t watched kdrama that much in the past few months. However, after I saw a trailer, news, or poster about Vagabond, I knew that I have to watch it!

I personally like this kind of genre, the same as The K2 and The Player. So far, I enjoy the story, sometimes I really hate some of the characters because they are just evil. So, I think I’m drowning in the story already. The conspiracy just so big and I think everyone will betray each other πŸ˜€

Just watch and you won’t regret it!


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