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Do you know a Play Station game called Guitar Hero? I was in elementary school when I played the game for the first time. It was a good game back then, and now you can play it with a guitar as well. Voez has a similar concept to Guitar Hero and probably OSU as well. It is a really simple yet challenging music rhythm game.


Voez is a rhythm game developed by Rayark Inc. and was released in 2016 on iOs and Android. A year later, a Japanese game publisher called Flyhigh Works released the game on Nintendo Switch. The gameplay is simple, you just need to either tap, slide, swap, or hold the note that falls to a certain area. Of course, the difficulty will increase as you progressing.


Voez Art

The game has a beautiful art also a great visual effect during the game. There is a story and quests that the player can do. Basically Voez is the name of the band consists of 6 characters, each of those characters has their own story that you can find by playing the game. Voez contains more than 200 songs from various genres and language. Also there are 3 different levels on every song, easy, hard, and special.

Voez UI


Rayark Inc. is well known for their rhythm game. Before Voez, they have released another 2 rhythm games such as Deemo and Cytus. Having said that, they are definitely one of the best rhythm game developers out there. The game is free to download for mobile devices, however you only have limited songs. To unlock more songs you need a key, you can get it from quests or the easiest way is buy it with money. The gameplay is beautiful with the visual effects that will make you drowning into the game.

Voez is a free game that you can download in google play store or app store for iOS. However, for the Nintendo Switch you need to buy the game. You may click on the link below if you would like to try the game.

Google Play StoreApp Store


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