What Does The Offering (Canang) Means for Balinese

As a Balinese, most of my foreigner friends usually ask me about the offering (canang). What does the offering means? most of them asked me that question. Well, if you are staying in Bali and your villa or guest house owner is Balinese, you may often see the offering at certain places. In general, canang is an offering to the god to be given a safety and protection. But there are a lot of details in Canang that has a meaning.

The Flowers


Canang comes from the word “Ca” that means beautiful and “Nang” means purpose, so canang means to achieve the goal or purpose of beauty in the presence of God (hopefully you can understand this sentence). In canang there are a lot of flowers in various of color, the flowers and the direction has a different meaning. White flower to the east as a symbol to Sang Hyang Iswara, red flower to the south as a symbol to Sang Hyang Brahma (The creator), yellow flower to the west as a symbol to Sang Hyang Mahadewa, blue or green flower to the north as a symbol to Sang Hyang Wisnu (The Keeper) and the last in the top (the green) is as a symbol the power of Sang Hyang Panca Dewata.

Type of Canang

There are a lot type of canang depends on the usage, purpose, and the ceremony. Canang that Balinese usually use in daily basis is called Canang Sari (like in the picture above). Every canang has a different flower or part depends on the purpose and the ceremony. For example Canang Genten is usually being used for Mesangih (becoming adult ceremony), the purpose is to be given youthfulness. There is also canang called Canang Gantal, the purpose is to ask for the world peace. There are still a lot left but it will take ages if I write every type of canang in this post.

So hopefully after you read this post at least you have an idea about what canang is. Also you know why Balinese are always put canang in a certain places in their house.


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