What is Tri Hita Karana?

Most of the Balinese are adhering to Hinduism, including me as well. I would like to share a few things regarding the Hinduism and our culture in Bali in this post. It’s called Tri Hita Karana, a really basic knowledge yet really meaningful.

The Meaning

Tri Hita Karana consists of 3 words. “Tri” means “three”, “Hita” means “cause”, and “Karana” means “prosperity”. So if we combine those 3 words, it will become “Three Causes of Prosperity”. So basically we have to maintain a good balance between 3 things to get the prosperity. Those 3 things are, The Harmony with God (Parhyangan), The Harmony Among People (Pawongan) and The Harmony with Nature and Environment (Palemahan).

The Implementation

The Harmony with God

There are many implementations for Tri Hita Karana. For example The Harmony with God, as a Balinese we do have many ceremonies the simplest thing is the daily offering. The Harmony among People would be the social activities within the Banjar (Village). Meanwhile, The harmony with Nature would be to protect nature for example, not to cut trees, protect the animals and also the waste. Having said that, the awareness of the importance to protect nature is quite low at the moment.

The Harmony among People


We do believe that if we can combine those three actions, we will achieve the prosperity. In my opinion, it makes sense. Because those three are connected to each other, we as a human are relying on nature, relying on other people, and also to God. We need food from nature, if we destroy nature we won’t have anything to eat.

The Harmony with Nature


We also need help from other people, especially in Bali when there are many ceremonies that we won’t be able to do alone. Furthermore, we also believe in God and through the ceremony we pray and show our gratitude. So we believe after maintaining those three, we would have a better life or prosperity.

Nowadays, I think many people started to use Tri Hita Karana concept to improve their business to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In Bali especially, there are many movements related to Tri Hita Karana to remind people about the importance of the three causes.


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