Why Pinterest Could Becomes The Best Place to Increase Your Website Traffic

I have been working on my website mayrealm.com for almost 6 months. During the first 6 months, I have been updating the and keep improving the content. FYI, my original purpose to build mayrealm.com is to create my own little world and improve my writing skill. So, I do not have any plan to monetize my website.

Having said that, getting more traffic that read your content would be a great bonus. Also, if I can at least earn some amount of money to pay the hosting bill would be awsome too! After that, I have been searching all along the internet to find how to increase website traffic.

The result? I found many suggestions on how to increase your website traffic. It was really useful, however, I have a different plan for my website and I think it just not matches with my plan or at least not yet. And the most challenging part is my website is a multi-niche website. You may find on my previous article on why I chose a multi-niche website.

Trying different way to increase website traffic

So, what have I done to increase my website traffic? To be honest, I don’t really do many things. I just followed marketing strategy that I could do for my website, e.g. social media, and on-page SEO. Which social media is the best to increase your traffic? My answer is depending your social media followers.

For example, if you have a Facebook page or joining a Facebook group that have many followers and relevant to your content, it might be a good source of traffic. However, for me that only has a Facebook page and 1 or 2 people like it? It’s hard! So, I was searching another social media that could be good for a beginner and I came across to Pinterest.

250 million people use Pinterest every month

You read it right, there are 250 million people use Pinterest every month! According to Pinterest, there are 250 million people use Pinterest every month, more than 175 billion pins, and 1.5 million businesses on Pinterest. Just imagine how big is your opportunity to get more traffic from Pinterest!

Pinterest users in the US
Source: eMarketer

According to eMarketer, 22,1% people in the US are using Pinterest on 2017 and 23,5% using Pinterest in 2018 which is a 7% increase from 2017. Furthermore, the 7% increase which is around 5 million is more than Facebook and Twitter combined.

80% Pinterest users are female

According to omnicoreagency, 80% of Pinterest users are female. If you are using Pinterest, I’m sure you probably have seen many pin about crafting, beauty, food recipe, or even marketing tips, and most of the accounts are female.

When I was searching for marketing content on Pinterest, I found many pins beautifully crafted and most of them are from the female. In my opinion, this due to the Pinterest niche. According to socialmediatoday, a 46% year-over-year increase in people saving food-related Pins to Pinterest.

Having said that, male users are also increasing by around 50%, but still behind the female users in total. Moreover, 34% of Pinterest users in the US are between 18 – 29 years old, followed by age between 30 – 49 years old.

Source: Statista

Does Pinterest increase traffic?

This is the most important question after the data shown above. Does Pinterest increase my website traffic? The answer is yes, it is true that Pinterest increase my website traffic. However, not that much considering my content is pretty random and hard to do the marketing LoL.

It is just becasue I do not use it properly I guess, the majority of people are just saved the pin because of the pictures not the content I guess. That’s why it is so important to use a really good visual to attract people to save your pin.

Having said that, one of my post about Dororo review suddenly got 100+ pins on Pinterest. I do not really understand because there were no notifications and I did not see that many pins on the Pinterest itself. Probably just some bugs with the plugin or something.

I’m sure if you have a good niche website or content that match with Pinterest, your pin would get many pins. Just make sure to make a long picture just like a phone screen to optimize Pinterest feature. Considering there are 250 million users, you will get your part if you have a good content.


So, the point is if you could create a good content with a good picture, most likely people will pin it and visit your website. I think the majority of the popular content in Pinterest are about tips and how to. For example, you may search how to increase website traffic, and you will get thousand of results. This is why I think Pinterest would be a good place to get more traffic for your website.


May is the one and only person behind mayrealm.com. He lives in Bali, Indonesia and loves Kpop, Kdrama, Anime, and Games That is why you can find many posts related to those topics. He would like to share his little world through the website.

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