Xbox One Now Support Keyboard and Mouse

I’m more on the PC side if it’s about gaming, it is not only about the frame rate or variety of games but more on the comfortable feeling. I’m not saying console is bad, I do prefer using a controller if the game is like racing game or fighter game. However, I will not play shooting game with the controller, it’s just uncomfortable and does not makes sense for me.

Xbox One with keyboard and mouse
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I think that is the problem with the console, it’s just uncomfortable to play shooting game with controller and I think many people agree with me. Having said that, Xbox One finally did something with that issue. Now Xbox One supports keyboard and mice on several games like Fortnite, X-Morph Defense and Warframe and many will come after.

This is a good improvement by Microsoft in my opinion. Players could play games like Fortnite or Warframe that would be better to play with mouse and keyboard on Xbox One. Having said that, there is still some minor issues with the some mouse and keyboard if you are using wireless devices.

Overall, the update from Microsoft is good. It is not perfect yet, but I think it is a good start to be able to compete with PC. This is the difference between PC and console, you can play with a controller or keyboard and mouse on PC depends on the game. However, you only could use a controller on a console which is sometimes hard if you play a shooting game.


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